About me

How it all began ...

My business germinated from the realization that, as a graphic designer, I could help other businesses combat the adverse effects of global warming.

Grab yourself a hot drink and let me tell you my story.


A seed was planted

In 2017, amid my graphic design apprenticeship in Switzerland, "Blue Planet 2," presented by Sir David Attenborough, spotlighted the big challenges the marine world is currently facing due to human activity.

The programme evoked emotions of anger and sadness within me, prompting me to think how I could take action and prevent further damage from happening.

Food for thought

A few weeks later, Etapes, a French graphic design magazine, published an edition dedicated solely to sustainable graphic design.

This magazine revolutionised my whole professional mindset.

An image of a french graphic design magazine called étapes (No.243) that talks about sustainable graphic design


A concept grows

After successfully completing my graphic design apprenticeship, I delved deeper into researching sustainable graphic design and how I could apply it to my next projects.

I consumed numerous podcasts, blog posts, and books about this interesting topic.

Image of a book hovering in mid air in a library


An idea starts to germinate

After a succession of short term contracts after the Covid-19 lockdown, I embraced self-employment in early 2022.

This allowed me to embrace sustainable graphic design full-time and apply the knowledge I had acquired so far, during my initial client projects.

Image of Xavier Cubbin leaning against a metal goat statue in a park.


I deepen my roots

This year, I became a member of the FSE (Féderation Suisse des Entreprise), a Swiss association dedicated to promoting the circular economy nationwide.

The association serves as a platform for like-minded businesses striving for a greener future.

Logo for the Fédération Suisse des Entreprise in the Valais, Switzerland.THE FSE

Whats next ?

Over the coming months, I aim to help fellow business owners incorporate sustainable design solutions into their ad campaigns, benefiting both their companies and the environment.

Will you be joining them?

If so, please come and say hello !

I would love to hear your project requirements and collaborate with you.