Sustainable graphic design for the circular economy in Switzerland

I'm a self-employed graphic designer specialising in helping Swiss SMEs market their sustainable core values.

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Are you a marketer working for a Swiss company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint?

At the intersection of graphic design and sustainability, my design solutions will help your business to underline it's commitment to a greener future.

I will help you translate your sustainability goals into compelling visuals and marketing materials, that resonate with stakeholders and your target audience.

Benefits of our collaboration

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Reinforced brand image

Incorporating sustainable graphic design into your marketing strategies will help reinforce your brand's core values.

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Reduced carbon footprint

Sustainable marketing materials use less natural resources. Therefore, this will help reduce your companies' carbon footprint.

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Attract more clients

This approach to marketing will help your company stand out from your local competitors and attract new clients.

These companies entrust me with their projects

My services

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Branded marketing materials

I can help you efficiently design both digital and printed marketing materials, tailored to your company's brand guidelines.

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Web design

Together, we can build websites that will engage your target audience and adhere to your company's brand guidelines.

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Sustainable design solutions

I will only ever recommend eco-friendly marketing materials that are relevant to your projects and respect your marketing budget.

Client Testimonials

Take a look at what my clients have to say about my work.

"Xavier transformed our vision into a vibrant and creative brand identity, exceeding our expectations by far.

His reactiveness and quick execution, greatly facilitated the process. We recommend him 100%.

An image of Carmen Luisier, a woman who works for Stratick as a marketing consultant

Steve Richard

CEO, Highview Studio

"At the end of 2022, Xavier undertook a project demanding swift action and resourcefulness, involving coordination with various professionals for file delivery, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to brand guidelines.

Throughout, he consistently displayed a positive attitude and strong organizational skills. I am grateful to know such a good designer and will gladly contact him for future projects."

An image of Carmen Luisier, a woman who works for Stratick as a marketing consultant

Carmen Luisier

Marketing consultant, Stratick

Hello !

My name is Xavier and I am dedicated to helping your business and the environment to grow.

Enhance your brand's impact with my graphic design services, tailored for Swiss companies concerned about their carbon footprint.

As a self-employed designer, I deliver comprehensive and sustainable design solutions for all your print and digital media, distinguishing you from your competitors.

Click the link below to learn more about me.

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